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To watch video, your device must meet the minimum system requirements:

Desktop or laptop computer:

  1. Currently located in Canada
  2. PC: Windows 8.1+: Browsers: Firefox 52+, Chrome 62+, Edge 14+
  3. Mac: 10.11+: Browsers: Safari 10+, Firefox 52+ and Chrome 62+
  4. Please ensure that you have cookies enabled

If your device meets the minimum system requirements, then try these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies
  2. Try using a different browser
  3. Ensure VPN or Proxy is not enabled
  4. Make sure you are NOT in private browsing mode or incognito mode
  5. Confirm that third party cookies are enabled
  6. Reboot personal computer
  7. If possible, try another desktop or laptop computer
  8. Ensure your operating system, browser has the latest update
  9. Turn off ad blockers
  10. Turned off any browser extensions
  11. Ensure you have ‘Prevent Cross Site Tracking’ in your browser settings turned off

If you continue to experience video issues, please email


A multi-camera family comedy, OUTMATCHED focuses on a blue-collar couple in Atlantic City trying to raise four kids – three of whom just happen to be certified geniuses. Parenting is a challenge for anyone, but for Cay (Maggie Lawson, LETHAL WEAPON), a caustic, take-no-prisoners casino pit boss, and husband Mike (Jason Biggs, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK), a handyman and uncultivated guy’s guy, parenting may as well be advanced calculus. Dealing with the demands and egos of three high-IQ children would be tricky for any parent, but it’s especially hazardous for two working stiffs who barely got through high school. Mike and Cay are committed to bringing some normalcy to their kids’ hectic, unconventional childhoods, but these geniuses don’t make it easy. OUTMATCHED takes an honest and heightened look at every parent’s worst fear – that they’re “ruining” their kids.

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